Lanling xiaoxiaosheng
Недавно думал об этическом управлении. О плюсах и минусах, о перспективах, о мотивации. Пришла в голову нижеследующая хрень. Этические принципы для сотрудников небольшой дочерней структуры крупного иностранного банка.

Basic fare business ethic principles:

We are small, but we are a part of the Big. We understand that this is a market advantage. And it’s our advantage as well
We must be efficient and free. And we do take responsibility both (and equally) for being free and being efficient. Efficiency is the first. Those who are not efficient should not feel free and safe.
We may not much care about official “corporate values” because they are often excessive, but we respect each culture, each opinion, and each personality.
We are tolerate to each person unless he/she is not tolerate to all others
We value a reasonable ratio: work/private
We come at 9 and leave at 6 unless it is an emergency
We understand that we are successful as long as the Company is successful. We always must remember about it.
We are the hosts and not the guests; we are not tolerant to ‘the passengers’. Everything we do must be beneficial and feasible to the Company.
We do care about the Company, the customers and each other, and this is equal. The customer is always a priority unless he/she breaches the legal or moral rules.
We regard our office as a family, but do not bother with family values. The biggest value is an ultimate respect to a personal freedom.
We hate personal conflicts, intrigues, lies, rumors, undercover actions. We value full transparency for each team member. Being friendly to each other is a must.
We value careful and helpful attitude to each others. Those who cannot should not stay aboard.
We are smart. It must be equally beneficial for us and the Company. No one can ever prioritize personal benefit and vise versa: no one has to sacrifice himself for the Company. The latest, however, is acceptable but not smart.

Это внутреннее ощущение, вряд ли я это вывешу в офисе. Просто хотелось бы разных мнений ))